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We do a very good job a reconstructing the ACL but our results with cartilage repair are adequate at best.

Joe Namath was the first famous athlete to return to sports without ACL surgery, which in his day was usually career-ending.

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What Broadway Joe proved is that a torn ACL, despite bracing, results in severe damage to the knee joint.

Research shows that 90 percent of people with a torn ACL have significant problems or re-injury and only 10% of the patients did ok without surgery.

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But it turns out that most people do not qualify as copers and the risk of returning to play without having corrective surgery is so great that most will not choose that route.

There are a few circumstances where an athlete might choose to rehab and play without surgery such as the national championship game for a college player or the state championship event for a high school player.

There is now a testing battery that can identify players who can function without the ACL.

Athletes that can return to activity without ACL surgery have been described as “copers” (being able to cope without an intact ACL).

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