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You don't have to comment that it's problematic, I know that. ------------------------------ So I've been masturbating ever since I can remember. The bathroom has two doors, one to each of our bedrooms. "Come here." I saunter in to the bathroom where she's fixing her hair.

Warning #3: The buildup takes awhile, but hang in there! I thought I was a sex freak, but it turns out it wasn't all that abnormal. I was living at home with my mom (ugh) and sister Vickie. I wouldn't be writing about her if she was a skank.

But she's not the real story, you'll see.

It's going to be a slow beginning, but give it a shot... Dad moved out years ago, mom has let herself go to hell. Vickie makes the international sign for jacking off, thumb and fingers in a circle, stroking up and down, and points to Mom. I make this exaggerated face, like i'm disgusted, which I am. Hey, you may be into that, fine, I don't care. " "I came home early from school", Vickie continued.

They aren't satin, but they will do the trick.

I pull out my magazine and start humping my own sheets.

I have left it alone over the years and not fixed any of it. We share a bathroom, it's called a "Jack and Jill" bathroom.

That feeling starts up, from far away, it's getting closer and closer. I roll over, grab my cock in her bikini top, give two hard strokes, and here cums my beautiful orgasm... I'm always very careful, I put things away perfectly, don't make a mess or a wrinkle, nobody is the wiser. So there I am, humping her satiny smooth spread, occasionally rubbing Vickie's D-cup bikini top on my cock, frantically turning the pages of the ' Velvet' magazine and some lesbians. No imagining what tits look like, I'm seeing some right here! "Since you are such a pervert, but otherwise a good guy, I figure I should help you with your problem. You're going to jerk off for me." "Vickie, look, I'm sorry about the other day..." "Stroke it now!

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