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He subsequently served in Sudan and Uganda before landing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as an economic/commercial officer in 1994.

In 1997, Whitaker and his wife were transferred to Bamako, Mali; and in 2000 he was sent to Mozambique as the embassys political/economic chief.

But before we get into the first juicy revelation from the newly-released Kennedy assassination release, this is just a reminder that we are running our fund raiser. In short, without you all supplying a small recurrent paid subscription, we would no longer exist because of You Tubes censorship by demonetization. Demonetization is when You Tube blocks our ability to be paid for our reports by not allowing its ads to be run on reports with which it does not agree politically.

The last we did this was in February, and the one before was Oct. This battle is ongoing, but may be about to return to a more neutral political stance because we think You Tube is realizing that they are coming out on the wrong side of the political argument.

A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for the entire coast of El Salvador. Read more 27/10/2017 - Myanmar has been showing off its new gunboats, confirming that Israel is supplying the country with weapons in spite of official secrecy around the matter. Andrei Sabinin, a lawyer with the Agora International Human Rights Group, has an impressive record of successfully defending people in high-profile cases. While there, he met the woman who became his wife, Jonita.

His clients have ranged from Mykola Semena, a Ukrainian journalist and contributor to RFE/RLs project to Lyudmila Bogatenkova, chair of the Prikumye branch of the Committee of Soldiers Mothers in the Stavropol region. Whitaker, a career Foreign Service officer who has spent most of his career in Africa, was nominated September 2, 2017, to be ambassador to Niger. Whitaker is from De Kalb, Illinois, and moved with his parents to nearby North Aurora at age 11. The Whitakers returned to the United States and settled for a time in California, where Eric was assistant to the Lodi city manager.

Sabinin also managed to have an article about corruption written by ecologist Valery Brinikh removed from the Russian states register of extremist materials. I asked Sabinin about his work and what motivates him. Eric Whitakers first assignment was as a vice consul in the embassy in Seoul, South Korea, in 1990.The gang of timber thieves was able to commit this major environmental crime due partly to gaps in the governments logging licensing program and poor control of the timber production chain in Par and Mato Grosso, according to experts on the matter.The police operation code named Anhang Arara (protective spirit of nature and the Arara Indians), focused on a family business group based in Paran that had been conducting illegal activities in the aforementioned states, with the family patriarch responsible for overall coordination.The gang was illegally extracting timber from the Cachoeira Seca do Iriri indigenous reserve in Par, and then laundered the logs by passing them through a variety of companies and also by entering false data into the Forest Products Commercialization and Transport System (Sisflora). The economic losses caused by the Silva & Suski timber company to the Cachoeira Seca indigenous reserve are estimated at R$ 897 million (about US$ 284 million) between 20, peaking in 2015, according to the Federal Police.In Mato Grosso, the losses were more than R$ 1 billion (US$ 317 million) over the same period.

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INPE data shows that, between 20 alone, nearly 19,000 square kilometers (close to 4.7 million acres) of the Cerrado were destroyed.

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