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Public Safety Secretary Genaro García Luna hoped to reform the nation's long-troubled police.

The strategic objectives are: On July 10, 2008, the Mexican government announced the intention of doubling the number of policemen in the PF to escalate the war against drug trafficking.They are sometimes referred to by the slang term "Federales".Typically, agents of the Federal Police are heavily armed and wear dark blue, black, or gray combat fatigues.The recruitment campaign has already begun and includes the university community.The 'Integral Strategy for Crime Prevention and Fight against Crime "is based on a process of reengineering to organizational development, as well as systems and processes in organizational performance, with a cross through the professionalization the creation of three academies in the Ministry of Public Security for the purpose of having Mexican committed to legality, efficiency, professionalism and honesty in this current stage of drug influence to the United States.

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The Federal Preventive Police was created by the merger of four other federal organizations in 19 in order to better co-ordinate the fight against the growing threat of drug cartels.

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