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That video, however, was of Lexi’s second visit to the glory holes.Her first visit was also her first time in the adult theater and she brought along her friend Hilary for a little (apologies in advance for the terrible pun), oral support.She’s wearing practically nothing – a tiny top, an even tinier sheer skirt and a skimpy pink thong, leaving very little to the imagination.She walks past some of the other customers who are milling about the video booth area and you can just imagine what’s go through their horny minds when this hot piece of ass head into one of the glory hole booths.Gloryhole Hustlers continue to roll along with great new videos coming out a couple times a week now, in addition to the live shows that they broadcast the past two weekends.

We’ve been thoroughly impressed with the quality of Gloryhole Hustlers thus far, and we hope to see a lot more of Eva in the near future.You may remember the cute, happy blonde Lexi that we posted a video of awhile back.She’s been one of the Gloryhole Hustlers fan favorites for obvious reasons, watching a girl that cute suck cock after cock of anonymous strangers is just damn hot.Some of the faces are blurred, but to us that just makes it all the more illicit, especially when you see the images of the women who are confident enough in their inner slut that they didn’t opt to hide their identity.Who knows, browsing through their user section, you might even come across someone you know in your neighborhood.

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